Always speak truth to power

When it is done, nations and industries and whole populations can be benefited. It takes great moral courage, is not popular, and is definitely not easy.

What is it?

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Speaking truth to power.

Only because I was trying to learn a new business was I thrust into the position of being able to speak truth to those in power in the music business. You see, in the music business popular courses of action have been pushed based on the needs of those seeking to protect market share of their employers: the multi-national corporations beholden to stockholders.

I’ve gone on record with this truth in a book you can get here and here, as well as many blogs accessible to anyone. I also started a software company bringing a solution to the problem that you can see here. The truth is this:

The music business as we know it is being kept plugged into life support even while it is already dead. 

How I got thrust into it was that as I learned about what it takes to make money in the music business, I found that two plus three was not equaling five. In fact, it was impossible to define two, one couldn’t find three, and five was standing on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride back to the equation.

Besides being unable to find a complete set of clear information about the business, I was told this was “the way it is.” I was told that if one wanted to “make it big” then I should just do as I was told. But to do so meant all I could see in my future was voluntarily handing over my property to dictators who would solely benefit from my work, then being thrown enough crumbs to keep me happy that my talent was being acknowledged.

I’ve had (and continue to have) conversations with people who are doing as they are told, not making any money, but who refuse to find another way of doing business. Privately they tell me they know the old ways aren’t working, they know they are being cheated, they hate it that The Man is cheating them. Some continue in these old ways, though, because they’ve had some success in the industry and don’t want to tick off anyone who might throw a little business their way again.

But there is no more business to throw their way. I certainly don’t need to pay others to stroke my ego.

I know I’m talented. I’ve got many years of proof of doing many things wherein my talents have been used to solve problems or make things happen. On behalf on clients, I’ve gone toe to toe with international manufacturing companies, speaking truth to their powerful.

My job is to protect earning opportunities and future income. On behalf of myself and any who want to do business with me, I’m going toe to toe again. This time speaking truth to the tight knit bullies in the powerful and ruthless worldwide music business.

Which means, boys and girls, I’m not going to jump into their sandbox. I’m inviting others into mine. 

The question then is this: If you are in the music business, do you have the courage and foresight and patience to change the course of an entire industry? Because one thing’s for certain: It will change with or without you. MEME_24 PayNotAttention




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