Dear HuffPo, watch your boohiney

Dear Huffington Post,

I want to caution the Senior Political Reporter for the Huffington Post — one Mr. S.V. Dale — for not doing a good enough job of CYA with his recent story on The Donald as seen in this link.

Wikipedia’s P&Gs for contributors

Furthermore, S.V. Dale’s article could not even qualify for a Wikipedia insertion as you can tell by comparing it to their editorial standards. (At left)

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I have included a graphic (below) I made of the Four Easy Steps to Writing Your Own Misleading and Highly Spun Column that your columnists would do well to follow, if only to stop annoying readers as badly as Mr. Dale did.

Please feel free to download, print, and pass out at your next editorial meeting. To show you how my helpful graphic would have benefited Mr. Dale, we shall compare his column linked above to my guidelines.

Clearly breaking all the rules as set forth in my seminal chart, Mr. Dale:

Ran the column 4.714 times longer than recommended.
Clearly, only die-hard researchers such as myself could make it to the end without eyes glazing, head spinning, and wondering from what planet Mr. Dale was writing. His column was badly formatted and had not been edited. (If you need excellent editors, please know my hourly rate is $65.00/per. I can also recommend one other editor to bring with me at the same hourly rate but who, along with me, will take up the slack in your organization.)

Did not include any quote that could be called balanced.
This is where an excellent editor would have come in quite handy and why I know no legitimate editor laid his peepers on Mr. Dale’s article.

Included highly personal opinionated language that cannot successfully hide behind the shield of Journalism nor defend itself in a court of law.
Because Mr. Dale, and by extension any editor you have on staff, made no attempt at even faking a balanced story, they opened your organization to a lawsuit for libel. If you hire Tom and me, this will not happen again. 

Twisted small bits of accurate information into complicated theories of evil, thus taking spin to a level known as flat-out lying.
When readers see articles so blatantly false as the one Mr. Dale wrote, they begin to ask themselves these questions:

What pony does Mr. Dale or the publication he works for have in the presidential race?

Has Mr. Dale been threatened or bribed?

Has the publication been promised future glories as the official mouthpiece organ of a certain candidate? 


I would say that this letter could, in more normal times, be called a Letter to the Editor, except seemingly HuffPo has none. Therefore, since I am not sure where this letter will end up, I shall end this letter with

I am sincerely and helpfully ever available for editorial work,



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***Did you enjoy reading Angela's columns and/or find them helpful? Then buy Angela a cup of coffee when you reach the end of the article. She thanks you for your support.***