Gloom, despair, and agony on me?

gloom, despair, and agony

Kumbaya is real — until the uniting True Believer is assassinated. Gloom, despair, and agony become watchwords of Forces Dark who undo all the good work and want us to feel bad about everything. Forces Dark want us ripe for manipulation. Like all good undercover operatives, Forces Dark are sneaky about it. They say they only want to help because they care so very…very…very-very deeply. Interesting thing is, the problems they want to solve had true believers as the first faces of it — they pretend to support True Believer.

True believers are a problem for Forces Dark and suddenly find themselves assassinated by a triple-named lone gunmen. School children are taught about the evil man who assassinated our hero. Years pass and what do we find? Why, we find out the people truly responsible for the now-iconic True Believer’s dramatic death are in the inner circle of the faithful. But these Judases don’t have remorse. They don’t kill themselves in penance. No; they work their plan. [Scroll for more article.]

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Before assassination, all shades of humans joined together to better the situation for the next generations. We made massive headway because our children no longer saw color as a judgment, but as an adjective. All the hard work we put in was paying off. See? Humans can get along after all. Education and understanding are the key. Train up a boy in the way for him and when he grows old he shall not turn aside from it, right? Right, says our Heavenly Father.

Assassination as regime change

After assassination, usually many years later, Judases are unmasked because the cause of True Believer, on track to solving the problem, quietly found itself redefined. People such as myself began asking why. From reasoned debate and non-violent protest aimed at healing, the focus changed to deliberate infection, reopening of the wound, the tearing at it purposefully making it worse. “Hey, we’re all in this together” became “I don’t trust you. You are evil because you aren’t my color.”

Through consistent seeding of inflammatory thinking, getting along suddenly became impossible to ever accomplish — at least, so say Forces Dark for their purposes of power and control. True Believer turns over in his grave as his Judas lieutenants put words in his mouth he never said, twist and misapply his gloriously inspiring speeches.

Next thing you know, True Believer is accused of being the sell-out, his reputation assaulted on all sides. His children, attempting to restore his reputation, are shocked to find Judases surrounding them. Then social media becomes filled with questions such as “In one word: What comes to mind when you think of the color white?” and the answers are oppression, sheets, “krakkas”, violence, racist, death, trash, Devil, privilege, segregation, and savagery. And you look at all the people asking these questions and all the people answering them and all you see are unhappy blacks.

Gloom despair, and agony are sure to follow as you wonder if all your hard work has been for naught.

Stand firm. Persevere.

One is tempted to ask, “Really, dude?” But then one realizes the question comes from Forces Dark cleverly posing a series of questions about color designed to divide and incite hatred. One realizes that even Jesus himself, God’s son, saw the futility in casting pearl’s before such unreasoning animals.

Forces Dark are pushing, pushing, pushing the easily manipulated into hate. Those who give in to that pressure and believe the lies make lots of noise. Liberal Media Elites amplify that noise because it suits them. They are the worst racists and the willing dupes of Forces Dark.

Many quietly but firmly do not give in to that pressure. I and many others don’t believe our hard work has been or will be for nothing. I believe there are many — of all skin hues — who feel as I do. They #persevere for true justice and righteousness that benefit the many. They #standfirm against the evil machinations of Forces Dark. And they trust that our Heavenly Father sees all. To see my take on this, watch and listen to this first video called “State of Affairs.”


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***Did you enjoy reading Angela's columns and/or find them helpful? Then buy Angela a cup of coffee when you reach the end of the article. She thanks you for your support.***