Politically Correct Circular Logic

From Wikipedia.commons
From Wikipedia.commons

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

From the first time I heard that saying, I hated it. It’s a truckload of bull crap.

Look, the logic is circular.

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How can we learn if we cannot be around those smarter than ourselves while those who are smarter than us are being encouraged not to be in the room with those who know less than them?

This saying is typical P.C. claptrap as it shuts out and shuts down the free flow of information and the challenge of assumptions.

There are those who say, “Oh, no. This saying simply shows how humble these smart people are. Don’t you see they want to be around those with bigger brains than them because they acknowledge they don’t know everything?”

Again, claptrap. First of all, how does anyone know they are the smartest in the room? Did everybody bring their I.Q. Test results and compare? Or is it a judgment call? Uh, oh. That most unholy of words — judgment — has been used and should make the Caring Crowd cringe in consternation, but sadly it doesn’t.

For anyone to think they are the smartest one in a room already shows their opinion of the value each in that room brings to the discussion. P.C. Acolytes’ heads are exploding right about now, so let’s interpret this most highly inflamatory and oft-bandied-about statement. Maybe then they can understand it:

“I am smart. You are not. Can feel the brain drain! Must..leave…now.”

If somebody doesn’t want to be in a room with me because I’m not smart enough for them to waste their time with, then I already know they’ve got a boat load of ego — and they’re wanting me to row because that’s obviously all I’m good for, you know, mindless labor. In other words, they have equated me with an animal.

What type of animal do they believe I am? Not a cute puppy that PETA would rescue off a porch because they thought the animal was in danger of getting into danger. No, they would equate me with a mule, a hybrid only good enough to pull a plow.
If you follow their logic down the rabbit hole, you can totally understand how it is that those who claim to truly and deeply care about others with lesser opportunities than them and sooooo want to help them, in point of fact do not care as they have already judged them to be more stupid and not worthy of being in a room with.

Those who believe that all worthwhile knowledge comes from worshiping at the feet of the intellectual have already proven they have no idea about how knowledge comes to be.

Thus worshipped and crowned as having achieved all the knowledge that is worthwhile, intellectuals simply cease to learn. Next thing you know, they are making stupid laws and thinking that the very nature of humans can be dictated and controlled and changed by the application of policies that are “good for you, you poor ignorant sap”, but that they don’t have to live by because they are so smart.

With that thinking comes communism and socialism.

So, the next time you hear someone saying “hey, if you’re the smartest…”, you’ll know exactly where they stand.

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***Did you enjoy reading Angela's columns and/or find them helpful? Then buy Angela a cup of coffee when you reach the end of the article. She thanks you for your support.***