Snowflakes of Terrorism


Gun-toting terrorists and Politically Correct Doms and Dominatrices — both hereinafter referred to as Snowflakes — see incendiary headlines and badly researched articles generated by one of their own, the self-named Media Elite, and assume that what is there reflects the spine of most men and women of the United States and other free countries.

Golden_Retriever_Wurftreffen_Lightning_Dreams_(10576700306)That is, Snowflakes believe that when they speak of their feelings that those feelings matter more than the truth and logic we serve. They assume everyone who doesn’t agree with them will think they are brilliant and will roll over and do their bidding.

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They are wrong.

We have feelings. We are not opposed to them. We enjoy them or hate them, in turn. But our feelings are not all-powerful. We know they are temporary and do not allow those feeling to guide us. In other words, feelings matter not when they:

— ask truth to be ignored.

— take away rights inherent in our humanity.

— need to destroy that which empowers for good.

— won’t allow honorable business to flourish.

— insist upon others living by the code they’ve decreed as the only way.

— know what is best for you and will, by force of law or social pressure, make you do it.

— rape, pillage, and plunder to satisfy their out-of-control desire.

Of course, when their operational way is followed, here is the result to a population’s infrastructure:


and this is what happens when Snowflakes go unopposed for long:


So, just like it’s illustrated in the picture below, it does my heart good to see more and more logical and balanced people speaking up against snowflakes. Because, you see, when the heat of truth is on, the blizzard of hate Snowflakes dump melts away.

Getting tired of Snowflakes’ silly, inane, illogical threats and rants that shut down discourse and, by extension, the finding of solutions by identifying real causes, more and more around the world in the street, on Facebook and other social media, and the business portal Linkedin, are no longer backing down from the fight.


Snowflakes are being challenged to defend their positions. When ultimately they cannot defend that position, like all good little terrorists, they resort to threats (“I will destroy you!” and “I have reported you as abusive!”) Then when many say back to them “You are wrong to threaten!”, this writer is seeing many Snowflakes back down on their hate speech, or reverse themselves and try to get along.

And guess what? Just like the DNC’s fave speaker of the day Khizr Khan did and shut down his firm’s website when he was challenged, quite a few Snowflakes are shutting down their profiles on SM and Linkedin. Yay for everybody on that account.

Evil can only thrive where good people fail to speak up. 

Just like it is happening in business and political discussion, I also predict that a huge wave of regular folks in the greater worldwide Muslim community who are sick and tired of being used as cover in a firefight, will soon join others in their communities that are fighting the fine fight in many ways, and in so doing will rein in those in their community using terror against them, and giving them a bad name by exporting terrorism abroad.

Already support funding is drying up for the wannabe government ISIS, causing those who had been paid to fight to either be laid off or quietly leave the job when their wages are slashed.





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