Who Knew? Men and Women are Different!

I read a book called Brain Sex. Fascinating. It pretty much took two hundred pages to say the following. While I believe my summary to be completely accurate and have taken pains to translate the points for both the male and female mind, I take full responsibility for the summaries included below. If you want to confirm, read the book and review the studies. One: Men and women are different. WE HAVE PROOF! So all you social engineers and feminazis and emotional communists out there shut your pie hole and stop trying to make everybody equal because it ain’t gonna happen. Stop trying to change the other, don’t rage at the differences, appreciate the strengths of the other, and live with the weaknesses as best you can. Find a way to translate. Two: The blank look on men’s faces when confronted with a) crying women or children, b) blank anniversary Continue reading Who Knew? Men and Women are Different!