What is Your Rope?

1. Get a baby elephant. 2. Tie a big rope around a hind leg. 3. Attach big rope to very solid and heavy object. 4. Wait. Naturally, Baby elephant will pull against the rope, but baby elephant is not strong, soon tires, naps, and tries again and again and again and again. Same result. Can’t get loose. Can’t move the object. So what is it we all know about elephants? We all know elephants never forget. Soon, baby elephant stops trying to get loose from the rope because┬áthe rope is stronger than he. Baby matures into full-grown elephant and never forgets. But grown elephant is wrong. He is stronger than the rope. But he’s learned his lesson well. He can’t get loose from the rope. His expectation of the power of the rope is so big that it doesn’t even need to be a big rope any more. It’s a Continue reading What is Your Rope?