Faith is not truth

Faith is not truth. It’s a tough day for an honest man when a closely held belief bumps up against an opposing truth. For everyone else, that doesn’t seem to matter. Contrary to popular opinion having faith in anything does not mean that thing is true, accurate, or even real. From ancient philosophers to Middle Ages scientists to modern-day exponents, there are those who believe the earth is flat. As other examples of the fact that closely held beliefs do not equate to truth, we have Global Warming. Renamed Climate Change to better accommodate inconvenient-but-real truths while still maintaining its ability to generate power and control for the chosen few. (Think Al Gore and his fraudulent carbon credit scheme.) Or that Gender always equals suitability for a purpose. (Think We’re For Her! get out the vote slogan advocating a female for president solely based on the politically correct bullcrap that it’s time we had a woman in the White Continue reading Faith is not truth