Names, Tags, Numbers, Labels

Names, Tags, Numbers, Labels: Albert Hammond wrote the song with that title. [A YouTube video of Hammond singing it live is at the end. You’ll like it.] The Association also covered the song beautifully. I posted a tweet about one situation in which names and labels got a daycare chain in Texas in trouble. But was it really the local branch’s fault? Methinks not. The Children’s Courtyard is owned and operated by Learning Care Group, the second largest for-profit early childhood educator in North America. According to their website, the company has over 18 thousand employees in 900 U.S.-based schools serving more than 130 thousand children from six weeks to 13 years. Hiring is handled at the corporate level. And that is how Nancy Salem — a hater of Jews (a home-grown radical Islamist Muslim?) — got through the corporate hiring process in order to teach little kiddies of the good folks Continue reading Names, Tags, Numbers, Labels