On November 12, 2013, I had the pleasure of being in a room with a guy by the name of Bram. Now, you must understand I’ve known Bram for a couple of years, but truthfully, I had no idea what he currently did in the music business. Formerly, he was a drummer with a couple of popular nationally known bands. This room was full. Maybe about 35 people were there. The room was in SESAC’s Atlanta office. Three people, comprising a solo act and a duo, volunteered to be on stage with Bram. First act: Young man, early twenties. Had a decent song. Sang okay. Audience clapped politely, encouragingly. Second act: Two men, mid-thirties maybe. Had a great song. Delivery was very good. Audience clapped enthusiastically. First act finished. Bram then walked him through several things I cannot even begin to describe here. Then he performed his song again for Continue reading Authority