Manilow and WFHRG: Self-Identify, Privilege Guilt.

Dear People Magazine, I want to thank you for taking over 40 years to officially announce that Barry Manilow was not heterosexual. I knew it way back in the 70s — and it was clear he felt guilty about it. And look, if I knew it and I was just a kid, then surely his grown-up fans knew it, too. In these games everybody seems to playing, Self-Identify is connected to something called Privilege Guilt. So I now shall self-identify publicly to you and hope you don’t wait 40 years to let people know the truth. I want to make a clean breast of it. This is very important, so please don’t ignore me. Here I go: I self-identify as female, heterosexual, rich, and a genius. What that means is that when I go to any of the top college campuses, I will have to apologize when I use the male bathroom. That’s right. I Continue reading Manilow and WFHRG: Self-Identify, Privilege Guilt.