Color only as adjective

When my children were young, we often engaged in volunteer community work. One early morning in the summer, police were providing security for businesses near where we happened to be. We said hello to one officer and had a friendly chat. The kids were looking up at him in awe. He had a badge! Cool. The uniform was awesome! Cool. He had a gun! Double cool. We waved goodbye and walked on. A little while later I said coming toward us was another policeman. I said, “Oh, let’s say hello to that police man, too.” We made way to the second officer and chatted with him. This time, though, my children kept looking at me like I was a nut. Noticing the expressions on their faces, the man said, “I can’t help but notice…I think your kids want to say something.” They both nodded. Then my daughter, silently chosen to be spokesperson for the two Continue reading Color only as adjective


On November 12, 2013, I had the pleasure of being in a room with a guy by the name of Bram. Now, you must understand I’ve known Bram for a couple of years, but truthfully, I had no idea what he currently did in the music business. Formerly, he was a drummer with a couple of popular nationally known bands. This room was full. Maybe about 35 people were there. The room was in SESAC’s Atlanta office. Three people, comprising a solo act and a duo, volunteered to be on stage with Bram. First act: Young man, early twenties. Had a decent song. Sang okay. Audience clapped politely, encouragingly. Second act: Two men, mid-thirties maybe. Had a great song. Delivery was very good. Audience clapped enthusiastically. First act finished. Bram then walked him through several things I cannot even begin to describe here. Then he performed his song again for Continue reading Authority