“The cheapest trucks and the strongest tires.”

“The Hammer” is still Lord of the Ring. To hear the spin the New York Times put on it as they slung their tiny little arrows at him, why “The Hammer” got the shock and awe of a lifetime just from being in the ring with all the lesser luminaries from the reporter pool. Of course I, as your ever intrepid Citizen Journalist (I’ve got the hat to prove it; picture below) read every word of that interview, and guess what I found? That’s right. I found a nice section that might shed some light on the commercial truck sales market. Everybody else just breezed right by that because they’re idiots. You see how awesome I am?

trumpcartoonthehammer05The reporters asked about infrastructure simply because it was on their list, but did they expect they answer they got? No, they did not. Trucks? Trucks? What are these things called trucks? And so this most vital piece of information was ignored and they went on to sling important zingers. Zing! Climate change, Mister President? SMACKDOWN! ZING-Zing! Hillary, Mister President-Elect? SMACKDOWN! ZING-ppppftttt-Zinga! Conflict of interest, sir, just to be clear? SMACKDOWN! 

Sulzberger asked if jobs was to be a part of infrastructure. Trump said that infrastructure is not the core of his plan, but that it is an important part. (No, he didn’t say yuge.) Then “The Hammer” said the infrastructure bill “didn’t work for Obama because unfortunately they didn’t spend the money last time on infrastructure. They spent it on a lot of other things. You know, nobody can find out where that last — you know, from a few years ago — where that money went. And we’re going to make sure it is spent on infrastructure and roads and highways.” SMACKDOWN. And that’s when “The Hammer” mentioned commercial trucks. Verbatim from the transcript:

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trumpcartoonthehammer01TRUMP: I have a friend, he’s a big trucker, one of the biggest. And he orders these incredible trucks, the best, I won’t mention the name but it’s a certain truck company that makes — they call them the Rolls-Royce of trucks. You know, the most expensive trucks. And he calls me up about two months ago and he goes, ‘Man, I’m going to buy the cheapest trucks I can buy.’ And I said, ‘Why?’ and — you know, and this is the biggest guy — he goes, ‘My trucks are coming back, they’re going from New York to California and they’re all busted up. The highways are in such bad shape, they’re hitting potholes, they’re hitting everything.’ He said, ‘I’m not buying these trucks anymore, I’m going to buy the cheapest stuff and the strongest tires I can get.’ That’s the exact expression he used, ‘the cheapest trucks and the strongest tires.’

For those of you who sell and service commercial trucks, whether new or used, that information is yuge. While I cannot imagine it for even one brief moment, the pure capitalists amongst that group might hate the idea of nice roads because they want more sales, service, and parts income. Surely nobody is that evil, though, right? For the rest of you, it might explain sales history and help you fill in those pesky little boxes your manufacturers require in those forecasts they’re so fond of.

Look, if they complain about the realistic numbers you put down just say, “Hey, ‘The Hammer’ reported it.” They can’t argue successfully with “The Hammer” or else they’ll get the smackdown, too.

“The Hammer” might speak in convoluted sentences that seem to go around the world before they get to the next block, but “The Hammer” is crazy like a fox. He didn’t survive this long and this well by not knowing of what he speaks or by ignoring excellent intel when it comes his way.

2016-11-10-12-27-33Because mainstream media failed again, it’s over and out from your intrepid Citizen Journalist,

Angela K. Durden

You’re welcome.

To read the entire New York Times transcript of the Trump interview, CLICK HERE.

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