The New Pyramid Scheme

     What true sacred cows exist in the music business are few and far between, yet there are many who are calling themselves that and fooling a lot of people.
     One asks about the newest sacred cow on the block — Aggregators. Are they, in point of fact, the new pyramid schemes wherein a vast majority of the power and money flows to the top with some coins trickling down to keep the underlings from screaming too loudly?
     Are they playing fast and loose with others’ properties, money, careers, and, carried to its logical conclusion, their lives? As with all pyramid schemes, there are levels of earning potential. Those potential levels are held out to newbies as accessible if one does things the approved way. In truth, these levels are not accessible.
     As the old saying in the music business goes, “It isn’t who is let in that determines our success, it is who is kept out.”  To that end, hopeful people sign up for the sure thing promised by aggregators putting their music on iTunes and other stores, not knowing they’re awesome talent will go unseen in that venue.
     See the next post for a five-part mini drama of “What Is He Drinking?”
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