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trump is not totalitarian

This young fellow is a college student who, whether or not he knows it, is conflicted. He was raised in an era where everybody began to measure their responses by whether or not someone was around who would attack them should their comment be misconstrued. Would he be accused of being a racist if he asked for a black ink pen instead of an African-American pen? Would he have to defend himself against the RadFem he simply automatically held a door open for? He does not understand that Trump is not totalitarian, either.

I happen to know this young man. He means well. He hasn’t a bad bone in his body. He hates injustice. He wants everybody just to get along. He’s going to be a fine writer one day. By “one day” I do not mean he isn’t a good writer now. He’s got the chops for it. I’ve read much of his fiction; ideas he doesn’t lack for. He takes feedback very well. But to write true one must understand human nature. To write bravely one must be willing to buck the crowd.

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My friend has not yet learned that. And that’s okay for now. He’s young and posted this (see above photo) on Facebook. Maybe he’s simply spouting what he’s hearing from people he respects (like professors, etc.) or of people he wants to impress and/or get in pants of (you know: girls). In any case, I responded to him on Facebook with the following:

I shall assume that by “keeping me up at night” you mean fear that a totalitarian government is being formed. From that assumption I make the numbered statements below. If I have misunderstood your meaning and you feel I am incorrectly understanding and ascribing to you these actions, thoughts, or feelings, a clarification of your meaning is most welcome. My thoughts, to wit:

Since totalitarian regimes seek to dominate every aspect of everyone’s life as a prelude to world domination, a fear of the current president is a waste of time because —

— President Trump is, in point of fact, seeking to limit the power of the Federal government over and in the daily lives of this country’s citizens, defending the documents that make for a stable foundation in our country, thus giving back to citizens the right to self-determination, and the keeping of its citizens safe, as opposed to —

— the Left, Dems, RINOs, Libs, RadFems, and all the other “I care and know more than you do” groups who have, for the last 50 to 60 years, systematically gutted the Constitution, and used the force of Law to punish any who disagree with them, in order to —

— dominate every aspect of citizens’ lives thereby setting themselves up as the ruling elite, which means it is those folks who should be keeping you up at night with fear because —

— the Left, Dems, RINOs, Libs, RadFems, and more, who have enjoyed the luxury of their power and social status, are fighting dirtier than a cornered rabid dog to protect their turf so that —

— they are showing their hand, and no longer trying to hide their deliberate lies, dirty tricks, and outright semi-treasonous activities, which activities, by the by —

— I, for only one, have been pointing out for years. Therefore, —

It has been I who lay awake at night wondering when [under the rule of the Dems, Left, RINOs, Libs, RadFems, etc.] I will not be allowed to stand in a bread line (nor buy flour to make my own bread) because I happen to disagree with and will not fall in line nor support socialists, totalitarians, fascists, terrorists, and dictators.

trump is not totalitarianOne hopes my friend read my reply. One hopes he tucks those thoughts into his mind and lets them cogitate.

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