With thorough understanding and swift writing, I personally think it would work very well if anyone could focus on the relief Angela brought to my frustration as a SaaS developer after trying for so long to clarify my marketing/outreach messaging. She is simply brilliant!

Christoffer B. Wallin Founder, Pindify.com

Christoffer B. Wallin: Developer of SaaS Pindify

"Angela has this way of listening to a mind-dump, then simply reaching in and plucking out the salient parts. Those parts she refines and clarifies, finding and filling holes to make messaging consistently shine bright.”

 Jason Cash CEO, Orion + Design Build, Inc. Clear Drive Technology inventor

Jason Cash

Writing. Editing. Testing.
editing. social media.
Angela Durden took my social media and made it eye catching yet professional. She proofreads and edits my all of my articles. When she is done they are perfect — and readable. Angela is creative. When I have a problem, she has at least six solutions.
Lee Ann Bellon
The Bellon Firm, LLC

Lee Ann Bellon

Editing. Social Media Campaigns.
Angela always has the innate ability to make a large company feel like a small communityInside the many years I worked for them, Angela produced great employee newsletters for Nalley Automotive Group Cars and Heavy Duty Truck Centers. She has always been timely and cost-effective in her production.  I would recommend her work to anyone. 

Stephane Ferri

Print cost management. Newsletters. Business cards.

FANTASTIC attention to project goals. Co-host of "Talk Of The Town" at SCB-TV www.GeorgianGalleryCustom Framing.com

Keith Sweat

Photographer. Co-Marketing.

As the founder of Azul Motorsports I have many responsibilities and not as much time. One thing I struggle with is marketing content. I was referred to Angela by someone I trust. I am amazed by her capabilities! We had a quick intro session, I told her the gist of what I wanted, then she got to work.

In addition to reviewing/editing our website and providing high-quality emails for our distribution list, we have started working on a video project together and are loving the results.

She completes her work in record-breaking time at a price that doesn’t break the bank because there is very little back and forth compared to other people I have worked with. Thank you, Angela, for adding a great value to Azul Motorsports. We look forward to the future together!

Chris Grigalunas www.AzulMotorsports.com

Chris Grigalunas

Social media editing and scheduling. Branding video.

Angela made my new-hire sales training class for Nalley Automotive Group more visible to the parent company, Asbury Automotive Group, who took most of my curriculum and formed a nation wide sales training program. Because of Angela’s work on printing the news articles I benefited by having other opportunities to showcase my talents for Asbury Automotive Group. Thanks Angela for your work on getting me to the next level.  

President  Champion Strategies, LLC brandonkhardisoncpo.com

Brandon K. Hardison

Company newsletter.

We’ve worked with Angela since 2000. She’s helped us with graphics, catalogs, advertising pieces, and a few other types of projects. She’s always prompt, efficient, and offers reasonable rates. She’s an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Mike Burgess and Fred Duncan Delta First Corporation www.DeltaFirst.com (Mike Burgess pictured)

Mike Burgess and Fred Duncan

Product label design for Delta First and Private Labels around the world.
Angela’s work has been instrumental in helping my advertising solutions and in improving my company’s image.
With her help in editing and rewriting my site’s web content, my sites have became more visible and now portray the kind of image that my clients expect to see and feel confident in. 

Nas (Criss) Mwakamui

Editing of website content.

As our small, highly specialized internet business started to grow and engage more clients, it became apparent our content needed to be more than just social media-level content.

I interviewed Angela along with several other copywriters to help us get our brand message for our website, customer follow up, and marketing content. Many writers are not set up to handle small businesses with limited budgets.

Writer For Hire! delivers big company content at an affordable price.

As our company has grown and we need more professional writing for magazine articles and how-to instructions, we were able to get clear content fast from Angela. We are very pleased with the way Angela helped us define our message and go to market with it.

I recommend Writer For Hire!, and I consider Angela a valuable part of our team at Jay Austin Bowties.

Founder and CEO www.jayaustinbowties.com

Jay Austin

Social media content editing.

Angela designed the front and back cover of the second release of my book “Our Brother’s Keeper.”

Her design is absolutely fantastic!

Although I am a veteran writer and author, the proper words to describe her excellence in design, plus creative marketing abilities is beyond my humble capabilities. She’s the best.

jedwinsmith.com OBK_Cover_Final_Production_02_JPGEmbedded_PROOF

Jedwin Smith

Book design. Editing.

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