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Read what listeners are saying:

“At first I was confused when I listened. I was expecting covers of standard Jazz songs. But it was so much more than that. These ten songs are the new standards folks will be singing in Jazz Jams of the future.”

“I did not expect to be taken on such a wonderful hopeful journey through the dark-side of love.”

“Made me feel good to feel bad!”

Three options to order your autographed physical CD.

ONE: CLICK HERE to go to GoFundMe.com where you can donate $25 or more and get the album plus some surprise goodies PLUS shipping is included.
TWO: CLICK HERE to simply order the CD as a standalone item PLUS shipping is included.

THREE: Do you want to write a check and send to me? Here’s the address:
2425 Lawrenceville Highway
Unit: #C7
Decatur, GA 30033

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