Recommendations: Editing

I am grateful to Angela K. Durden (and her publishing company) Blue Room Books not only for taking on my first novel but for the time and energy they committed to the project to ensure it was its best upon its release. They were extremely diligent, in particular as editors. Based on her talent, commitment, and diligence, I’m certain the future is bright for Blue Room Books and her other imprints. I feel fortunate to be an author in the Blue Room Books stable and I look forward to working with Angela and her staff into the future.

Mike Shaw, author of
“The Musician”

I chose to spend my time writing vs. learning how to accomplish the intricate masterminding that is book publishing. That’s why it was my pleasure to have Angela K. Durden handle my publishing process. Thanks to her, in less than eight weeks my novel went live on Amazon. 

When a glitch popped up within Amazon, Angela knew just how to work around it and make my novel go live. What a celebration! I can guarantee it wouldn’t have happened that day without her knowledge and persistence.

Backing up a bit, Angela not only edited my novel, but immersed herself in 1440s Ireland’s speech and customs in order to do it properly. Her multi-talented approach to solving problems was a boon to my project. I am a problem solver, but she has the technical skills and experience to make publishing happen more rapidly than I could have.

If items like ISBNs, branding, editing, graphics, and cover design, page layout, font choices, proof copies, print fulfilment, publishing business consultations, KDP account set up, Facebook, etc., mean nothing or is a mass of confusion to you, you really want to sign Angela up to be on your team.

We spoke on June 30, she sent a proposal on July 1, telling me it would take 6 to 8 weeks or longer depending on how fast I got things back to her. She went to work and stayed focused. The book went live on Amazon on Aug. 25. All of this was done in under 8 weeks. That includes my needing a week to proof my copy and other life requirements, plus a full week shipping delay due to an Amazon/KDP error.

Yes, I am impressed. I still can’t believe how fast this happened, yet I needed it to. Angela pulled everything together for a much-improved product all around. I am grateful and can’t recommend her highly enough.

CK Stephens, author of
Shein: An Irish Prince

When we began looking for someone to guide us on our book project, Angela K. Durden was recommended to us. She has proven to be an invaluable resource in guiding us through the setup of our publishing company, the book project itself — from gathering the materials to research to book design and editing, to navigating the publishing world, and recommending the best marketing methods for our particular book. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and are planning on using her services for our next books. 

Valerie Swinton
and Fred Kirby,

authors of “Good Grief”

Angela K. Durden has been the editor of my last four novels. Of ten published she is my second editor; I won’t have another one as long as she will keep me.  Angela is professional and unflappable, even when working with someone of questionable sanity. Absolutely nothing affects the way she performs. As a two-time nominee for Georgia Author of the Year (2020 and 2021), a Mississippi Success Honoree (2021), and as a writer in the U.S. film capitol of Georgia gaining film industry interest, I am confident that a good deal of the credit for my success can be attributed to Angela. Any author reading this tribute to her would be well-served in utilizing her knowledge.

A. Shane Etter, author of ten post-apocalyptic novels 

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