Publishers and Agents

“I’m so very busy. I get sent hundreds of manuscripts. You should see my desk and inbox. Crowded! Busy, busy, busy picking the next Grisham, Childs, Conroy…so don’t waste my valuable time.” That is the crux of the manuscript pitching world. It isn’t an easy job. It has its downside, too. Paper slicing fingers, paper dust chewing at their skin, ripping envelopes open, and the worst part: Reading. So, every single publisher and agent that wants to be in it, gets in the book The Writer’s Marketplace. Each tells those with words to sell, how to approach the throne, how to bow and scrape, and in what form asking permission to speak shall arrive in. Look. I’m all about systems. I get it. Systems save time…if you’re a manufacturer and can deal with the same parameters over and over again. But what has happened is that publishers are not making Continue reading Publishers and Agents