Which is being sold: Songs or Delivery System?

Almost four years ago I began researching how to make money in the music business. My friend said, “Oh, it’s easy to make a million in the music business. First, you start with a two million…” Can I get a bada-bing-bada-boom drum roll, please? The problem is: he wasn’t far from wrong. Which of course was a conclusion and methodology I could not accept since I did not have one million, much less two. Anyway, as I was looking at income streams in the music business, everybody — and by everybody I mean everybody — kept telling me that the future was now: Spinning, physical media, and albums are out. Streaming, singles, and downloads are in. There’s one thing about me you should know: I do not make a business decision based upon what everybody says. So I began digging into the music business and asking: Who. What. When. Where. And though listed Continue reading Which is being sold: Songs or Delivery System?

Taking Care of Business

Taking care of business Every day Taking care of business Every way Yeah…are you taking care of your business? Do you know how convoluted and messed up the music business is? Maybe you don’t because you’re thinking that, somehow, in some way, your information will magically get where it needs to go so your royalties can be tracked and money can come to you. Your name isn’t David Copperfield and besides, magic takes hard work. Copperfield doesn’t walk onto a stage and POOF!, people and things appear and disappear. There are a lot of moving pieces behind the scenes. I friend of mine was invited from the audience to be part of a crowd disappearing act for one of Copperfield’s shows. He knows how it’s done. He is under agreement never to tell. And he won’t. I didn’t even ask. Well, the music business is a like that, folks. There Continue reading Taking Care of Business