Fun for one?

Okay. So last night I went out. Had a bowl of chicken soup with avocado. Great soup, by the way at this particular Mexican restaurant. So I decided to have some fun with my new app, it scrolls LED messages like on a marquee. It was loud in there. He was busy. I wasn’t rude. Simply held up the phone and waited until he saw it. I was even smiling.  The scrolled message said, “Check, please.” He was not amused. Oh, poor thing. And he’d been working SO hard for that tip, winking at me since I sat at his bar, making sexy goo-goo eyes at me, puckering up those cute little lips. Yes, he was working hard for the money. Then he saw the message. “Check, please.” And the sexy, winking, puckering face went sour. So young to be so…so…unflexible and serious. Isn’t this simply another way to communicate? I thought Continue reading Fun for one?