Meryl’s missed opportunity to show courage

Meryl’s missed opportunity for being a true social justice warrior came on the eve of the Golden Globe’s awarding her the Cecil B. Demille Award. If Streep had truly wanted to be courageous, she should have taken a page from the Marlon Brando’s “How To Turn Down an Award With Style: A Playbook for Coddled Actors” and sent a handicapped person to deliver a speech in support of all other such handicapped people who get abused. Instead, Streep fell for the old McGuffin play. Viewers were not happy that Brando sent a Native American woman to deliver a rant about the film industry’s treatment of Native American’s, who then refused on his behalf his Oscar for The Godfather. But I can tell you this: With time, viewers came to respect him for it because he stood up against the very industry that fed him. Streep didn’t do that. Streep encouraged Liberal bullies Continue reading Meryl’s missed opportunity to show courage

Liberal Hypocrisy: Caving to it. Standing up against it.

This story is about Liberal hypocrisy and, by extension, those who do and don’t cave to it’s pressures. I was reading an online story update from the MSM about the Trump Inauguration and the saga of booking performers for the party. One 16-year-old girl slated to perform, Jackie Evancho, has been selling out her album after agreeing to perform. Andrea Bocelli, on the other hand, wanted to perform but turned it down after Liberals ganged up on him and threatened #BoycottBocelli.  The writer included tweets from others as proof of his premise that Everybody Hates Trump! One of the quoted tweets proceeded to bash The Rockettes for being on the lineup. He was quite mean for no good reason and said he would not ever go see one of their shows ever again. I asked him why he was so upset about Trump’s party since, having declared a hatred of Trump Continue reading Liberal Hypocrisy: Caving to it. Standing up against it.