Challenges are not bad

Get the book by Angela K. Durden by Clicking Here   Email Angela here: angeladurden[at]gmail[dot]com Challenges are not bad in and of themselves. Some can be, true. But others are opportunities from improvements, and when met make us better people adding high value to the communities in which we live, the customer which we serve, and the businesses which we grow. I am tired of people complaining about things that are not real problems. Such as: Waiting in a line a little longer than expected to get a hamburger. Someone who didn’t set the alarm clock and overslept raging against other drivers as if his being late is their fault.  Traffic jams that happen everyday at the same time. Accusing people of rubbernecking when they are only slowing to safely pass an accident and rescue workers. Here’s an old poem that sums up the challenge of our own attitude. I’ve always loved it. It Continue reading Challenges are not bad

What’s the Diff?

What is the difference between self-promotion and a big mouth? What is the difference between stating facts and bragging? It’s the reason behind it. It’s the motivation for it. Number One, self-promotion and facts, are meant to tell the world about what you have to offer. Number Two, big mouths and bragging, are meant to elevate self by demeaning others. Number One is positive. Number Two is negative. Number One draws together. Number Two divides. Number One influences for good. Number Two influences for bad. Number One seeks to put a smile on a face. Number Two leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Number One seeks good for self and is happy when others experience good. Number Two seeks good for self and hates it when others experience good. Number One celebrates all success. Number Two condemns when it isn’t their success. We all know some Number Two’s, don’t Continue reading What’s the Diff?

What is Your Rope?

1. Get a baby elephant. 2. Tie a big rope around a hind leg. 3. Attach big rope to very solid and heavy object. 4. Wait. Naturally, Baby elephant will pull against the rope, but baby elephant is not strong, soon tires, naps, and tries again and again and again and again. Same result. Can’t get loose. Can’t move the object. So what is it we all know about elephants? We all know elephants never forget. Soon, baby elephant stops trying to get loose from the rope because the rope is stronger than he. Baby matures into full-grown elephant and never forgets. But grown elephant is wrong. He is stronger than the rope. But he’s learned his lesson well. He can’t get loose from the rope. His expectation of the power of the rope is so big that it doesn’t even need to be a big rope any more. It’s a Continue reading What is Your Rope?