Condo Log: 6790-1225

START: Condo Log. Star Date: 6790-1225 (06:05 Post Meridian Earth-time) Mother ship’s journey through the year has been successful. Though mostly friendlies have been encountered, some protective measures were needed for other interactions with inhabitants met on the journey. The Team met with unexpected delays. This captain for one had her foot broken when a friendly was thrown onto it. A six-inch steel pipe of a high-heel shoe landed square on it and — crack! — broke right there. Other members of the team were attacked in various fashions as well — we lost a few, sad days, and some were injured. We had several others join us on the journey, though, thus necessitating realigning of time allotments. But, as all excellent teams do, they did not quit, they did not cry Uncle. There was no whining. Shoulder to the wheel, and push. Here we are almost 365 days out and infinity has been challenged. Continue reading Condo Log: 6790-1225

Publishers and Agents aren’t Completely at Fault

Okay. So I ragged on publishers and agents. And it’s all true what I said. But now I shall take their side. What is it they see coming at them? I’ll tell you: A river of substandard material, that’s what. And by substandard, I don’t mean publishers and agents say the writing is brilliant but they disagree with the content. No, no, no. Let me be clear about this. I mean the writing stinks. I should know. I’ve turned down editing gigs because authors gave no thought to the reader and what they sent me was so bad they could not afford for me to fix it. And I couldn’t fix it without rewriting it because that’s how badly thought was given to it. And I couldn’t rewrite it because I couldn’t figure out what it was about. Why are we all doing this? To sell a book. Who buys Continue reading Publishers and Agents aren’t Completely at Fault

Why are You Giving it Away?

First piece of advice. Stop writing for pennies. Just STOP IT. If your writing has value, why are you giving it away? If you obviously do not value it, why should others? That being said, getting publishing credits is a good thing when your first starting out. But there comes a point where you must eat and pay the bills. Publishing credits are only good if they can then lead to a paying gig. Writing is a tough life. There are a lot of ways to make money doing it, but with so many people giving it away for free, it is even more difficult than ever. I stopped writing for free (and cheap) many years ago. If a writing gig cannot make me money, then I have to ask: What other benefit is it bringing to me? If I write for a publication and I get no money, will Continue reading Why are You Giving it Away?