Spoonsful of Sugar

Anyone in power is there by virtue of two things. One: The people entrust them with doing what’s best. Or, two: Brutal application of force of law. Power to the people is not an idle concept. That being said, in the music business, the system that now exists came to be in bits and pieces. Each bit, each piece, was put in place at various times. Some were put there to protect content creators and were welcomed by them. Most were put in place and brutally shoved down the throat of content creators with spoonsful of sugar, i.e., false promises. And when the people have had enough, then the people take the power back. That is happening now in the music business. And what do we see when the people attempt to control their own property? We see the deep pockets frantically — oh, yes, I use the word frantically Continue reading Spoonsful of Sugar

Taking Care of Business

Taking care of business Every day Taking care of business Every way Yeah…are you taking care of your business? Do you know how convoluted and messed up the music business is? Maybe you don’t because you’re thinking that, somehow, in some way, your information will magically get where it needs to go so your royalties can be tracked and money can come to you. Your name isn’t David Copperfield and besides, magic takes hard work. Copperfield doesn’t walk onto a stage and POOF!, people and things appear and disappear. There are a lot of moving pieces behind the scenes. I friend of mine was invited from the audience to be part of a crowd disappearing act for one of Copperfield’s shows. He knows how it’s done. He is under agreement never to tell. And he won’t. I didn’t even ask. Well, the music business is a like that, folks. There Continue reading Taking Care of Business