No limits illusion bites Hillary in the butt

As you can see in the above Google Search screenshot, it is popular in this Madison Avenue, sound-bite-driven world — where only those at the top, top, top of their game are used in ad campaigns — to tout a belief in no limits. Why, just take a look at all those folks with no arms and legs. See them racing down the ski slope? Running on the beach? Jumping hurdles? Winning, winning, winning? And how did they do that? That’s right! They don’t believe in limitations. Those ads imply other mortals out there that say we can’t do those things, why we’re just stupid, lazy, don’t want “It” bad enough, or are willing to settle for mediocrity. No matter how many times we bump up against limitations, the real problem is our thinking, they say. A popularly quoted Bible scripture, often attributed to Shakespeare, says “Thinking makes it so.” Never mind that the Continue reading No limits illusion bites Hillary in the butt