In response to a young student

This young fellow is a college student who, whether or not he knows it, is conflicted. He was raised in an era where everybody began to measure their responses by whether or not someone was around who would attack them should their comment be misconstrued. Would he be accused of being a racist if he asked for a black ink pen instead of an African-American pen? Would he have to defend himself against the RadFem he simply automatically held a door open for? He does not understand that Trump is not totalitarian, either. I happen to know this young man. He means well. He hasn’t a bad bone in his body. He hates injustice. He wants everybody just to get along. He’s going to be a fine writer one day.┬áBy “one day” I do not mean he isn’t a good writer now. He’s got the chops for it. I’ve read Continue reading In response to a young student